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Pokemon Dark Rising Description:

Welcome to the Pokemon Dark Rising Wiki! Here you can view various information about the Pokemon Dark Rising game such as detailed walk throughs and various guides, Pokemon Evolution Methods, locations and various other information and participate in discussions among other members of the community!The Story begins in a dream. A Pokemon suddenly appears and chooses you, a young boy/girl, to save not only it, but the world itself. You awake asking yourself questions. Deciding to ignore the dream for now, you step out into your home town known as Fells in the Core Region. Your best friend, who also had the same dream, stops you at the front door to inform you of an emergency message from the town’s Professor. When you encounter the professor, he quickly informs you of the disasters and climate changes occurring all over the Core Region. His workers in panic, he asks you to visit the delivery station and pick up a package for him from Prof.Oak.Thousands of Pokemon fans are already playing and supported this game, the story of Pokemon Dark Rising is freakily amazing and exciting to explore. Packed with new features, items, skills with stunning game designs.

Pokemon Dark Rising is a Hack/Monster Capture RPG game published by DarkRisingGirl released on April 27, 2012 for the Game Boy Advance.We think you are here because you love Pokemon Games and ROM Hacks like us. Today, we want to introduce to you a very marvelous thing: Pokemon Dark Rising. So what is that?DarkRisingGirl & This is POKEMON Dark Rising 2. This is my 2nd attempt to complete a full hack with a new epic story, new characters, and a new region. I’ve always felt the Pokemon series needed a much stronger impact with story-telling & that’s what this hack is all about. Within the hack(look to features for more information) you’ll encounter Pokemon from all 5 generations, the newest attacks, and a brand new deep story line involving many characters with actual emotions compelling them to move forward. I also forgot to mention 1 important thing; This hack is Part 1 of a hack series! I thank you all for playing, I hope you enjoy!


Pokemon Dark Rising file information

Game Title: Pokemon Dark Rising
Platform: GameBoy Advance
Release Date: April 27, 2012
Genre: Hack, Monster Capture RPG
Publisher: DarkRisingGirl
Region: Region Free
Languages: English
Users Score:
1 Terrible
2 Bad3 Decent4 Great5 Excellent 4.11 out of 5 (474 votes)



Features of Pokemon Dark Rising

  • 386 Pokemon from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh and Unova
  • Newer generation moves
  • Dream World Abilities
  • Pokemon will learn some of their best egg moves by level up instead of breeding
  • Challenge Nurse Joy for exp
  • Gym Leaders have signature Pokemon only available for them!
  • Various characters from the anime series make appearances like Ash and Brock and even some characters from other series like the Pharaoh from Yu-Gi-Oh!
  • Doctor Roy is introduced and will heal your Pokemon instead. Helping Doctor Roy is Nurse Joy, she will team up with Doctor Roy and battle you in a double battle!
  • All new original story
  • Some Pokemon can learn certain egg moves as part of their level-up move sets now
  • Moves from across generations 1 – 5 are available within the game
  • Pokemon can be found in the wild with the gen 5 Dream World Abilities
  • nside every Pokemon center, there’s a Nurse Joy & Doctor Roy. Doctor Roy will be the one to heal your POKEMON. Nurse Joy will be next to him and challenge you to a double battle along side Doctor Roy. This is helpful for exp points.
  • All Pokemon will learn some of their best egg moves from gen 3-5 by level up instead of breeding. (Serebii.net Pokedex was used for this information.)
  • DW Abilities (Yes that includes the overused fan favorites of Drizzle Poliwag, Drought Vulpix, & Speed Boost Torchic.)
  • Newer generation moves. Some to note are Shadow Claw, Roost, Scald, & plenty more.
  • 8 badges in total. Each gym leader will have his/her own signature Pokemon.
  • Some new Characters added from Anime: Ash Ketchum, Misty, Brock



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